Elisabeth Hasselbeck Gets New Representation, but Is She Worth It?


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Not content with the way her current negotiations are going with The View, Elisabeth Hasselbeck has switched agents, joining up with the same outfit, WME, that her one time NFL football playing husband is with. Both are now repped by Jim Ornstein.

View attachment 1709 Frankly, I really do not care, but every time I see or hear about Hasselbeck, it makes me cringe. I actually remember a day when I liked her, back when she was a contestant on Survivor. She seemed so nice and genuine and was a pleasure to watch that season.

I have actually cured myself of the Survivor habit in recent seasons. The show changed. I tired of it having become too much of the backstabbing game and I couldn't stand to watch defenseless animals being abused and killed for the sole purpose of being TV entertainment. I stopped watching, and I am glad of that.

However, back when Hasselbeck was on, I never missed an episode. When The View had a slot open up and began auditioning on the air, I tuned in for Hasselbeck and was impressed. She still had that charm and perkiness that was so fun on Survivor, and she even sounded intelligent and sincere.

That was then, and unfortunately, I have come to regret my support of her. I wish she had never auditioned. She has become an annoyance. She whines and argues and is ultra predictable when it comes to the support of the Republican party. I do not care what her political beliefs are, but it is the way she presents herself in this arena that bothers me. She grates. It's irritating, and the problems she has caused on The View are numerous.

In truth, I was never a regular watcher of the daytime show, but I did watch it with some frequency. As Hasselbeck's chirping progressed, though, I just could not take it, and my occasional viewing has become practically nil.

I do not know for sure when she changed, if it was before or after her marriage to Tim Hasselbeck in 2002 or if fame just went to her head at some point, but she is far from the Elisabeth Filarski who captured my imagination in 2001. Somewhere between her first The View appearance in 2003 and a few years back, her halo tarnished.

Of course, that is just me. I am sure Ornstein will be presenting her as a princess diva in his negotiations for a money-raising contract with ABC and The View.


funny how you complain about Elisabeth being predictable but it never seemed to bother you that Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg are just as predictable. Elisabeth was brought in as a counterweight to the ultra left panelists and she holds her position relatively well.
she is also the only one who understands that a well thought out appearance gives her some additional gravitas. You need to keep in mind that this is an ENTERTAINMENT show not a serious political discussion program.