Elizabeth Edwards' Will


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Personally, I hope she cut off the idiot (John Edwards). He was so ultimately disloyal to her. He lied, cheated, lied some more, and it took, what, 2 years for him to admit he had a child from the affair. He didn't deserve Elizabeth, and he certainly doesn't deserve a single penny or inch of her estate.

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, Blogger: Orry's Orations
It reminded me once again that you can just judge the book by its cover. I liked Edwards way back when, thought he was a good guy. Then the truth came out. The more he lied, the worse it got. How horrible to cheat on your wife when she's fighting for her life.


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Is it even legal to disinherit your spouse? I'm not quite sure on that one...

But I do think he shouldn't receive a thin red dime.