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This question is about "Email is attaching a different file when sending...", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. Okay, this is super bizarre...

Using webmail interface. I'm sending out an email and attaching file "A" and file "B". I watch them both upload as attachments to the email. I press send and the email is sent. Then the recipient responded back, saying "I received file 'A.' Can you please send me the correct file?" I check the email in the "Sent Mail" folder and sure enough, file "A" was attached. WTF? This has happened maybe 5-10 times and I have no idea what's going on. I've even taken to doing screen captures of what I've sent to to make sure I'm actually sending "A" and file "B". Has this happened to anyone else? Not a noob btw. I've been sending emails to my clients for over 20 years. Time Warner to Spectrum/Charter snafu? Any input appreciated. Thanks!

Email is attaching a different file when sending...?

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