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This question is about "Ematic FunTab 3 not connecting to WI-FI/Router", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. I have an Ematic FunTab 3 that would connect just fine to the Wi-Fi when my bro inlaw lived w/us. He took his router and connection. So we got a new connection (idk what his router was just know it was alos TWC). Now we have a Technicolor and it's the only device that won't connect to SSID & Password set up for Wi-Fi. It won't authenticate password, doesn't create an IP Address, but it does save connection. I have reset router & tablet and nothing. The tablet connects to any other connection but not the Wi-Fi/router. I have checked the router connected devices and it doesn't come up. Also Tried adding it manually, TWC support and WPS button/code and nothing. Getting tired...need it to connect because my son wants his tablet to work again at home. Can anyone please help

This topic covered Ematic FunTab 3 not connecting to WI-FI/Router, and TWC cable internet service.
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