Endangered Series That Are Headed To The TV Butcher


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It’s never too early to start fearing for the life of your favorite show. By all accounts, the hits have been hard to come by this season, but in the hyper-competitive digital age, most TV shows just need to hold their own to remain on the air. Still, if you were one of those viewers who thought William Shatner finally found his voice as the cranky old dad in CBS’ “$#@! My Dad Says,” think again.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s working, what’s not, and what’s on the bubble.

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My tastes are so different from most that there isn't a lot on that I really care about anyway. None of those shows in the article I care about really. I had hopes for The Defenders which actually has some good drama in the court scenes. It's everything other than those moments that I cringe at.
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