Enjoying the Classics

One thing I have liked about internet TV was looking up the old classic shows. The other night my son and I was having a blast watching old shows from the 60-70's. Mostly robot stuff like Johnny Sukko and the Giant Robot and some old Ultra Man stuff. Man I forgot how silly that stuff was but it kept us glues to the set. Love Internet TV hope it surpasses regular TV


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Oh me, too. Do we have a list onsite of the different webpages you can go to in order to watch internet shows? I know of hulu.com and freemoviesonline.com in addition to the major networks, like; ABC, NBC, CBS & Sci-fi, to name a few. Oh yeah, youtube. But, are there others that I'm not aware of. Thanks.
Except they don't carry a lot of 'retro' TV. a lot of 1980s shows and one 2006 Horror series and that's about it. they only have one show in Black n White. they don't even carry the Munsters, or Andy Griffith, or Patty Duke or Mister Ed. all those are on Fox or THIS TV. i really expected more 'classic' from Retro TV.

Maybe the YMMV is applicable to different RTV networks. i know our own sucks majorly; not even a retromercial as stated on their website.


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From what I know, Retro is still the best of the classic choices. Nick was the first betrayal, and then TV Land became a joke. I wish This TV would carry even more. I'm loving watching Patty Duke and Outer Limits. Sleuth has some of the old detective stories. Is American Life still out there? We used to get that and it was great. Comcast junked it to add room for HD. I'm still screaming about it.