Entire episode not available on demand (online & app)



How do you get assistance/resolution when the entire episode of a program is not available on demand (via streaming online and the app)? The on demand replay of the latest episode of a show I watch ends after 13 minutes and 41 seconds. It's not that 60 minutes are available and the video cuts off/kicks me out after that time -- ONLY 13 minutes, 41 seconds of the actual episode is available. It's been three days now and I've provided feedback twice. Unfortunately, this is the only service I can use to watch the show (it's not available on my TV on demand option nor can I access it via the network's site without paying). Any recommendations of who I can reach out to or how to get this fixed? Thanks.

"Entire episode not available on demand (online & app)," is about XFinity-Comcast TV Television and On Demand.

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