equipment connection question - DirecTV

Current setup: satelite coaxial coming in to living room. Feed goes into 4 way splitter. Out one to HR54. Out 2 goes to wireless video bridge. out 3 goes to connected home adapter (ethernet to coaxial box). i have 2 samsung rvu tv's (box built in) and 2 wireless genie boxes. at this time the hr54 is not connected to a tv because of the rvu tv, so i am wasting $ on a box i cant get rid of. I would like to bring the hr54 into the bedroom and use that genie there on another tv.

I already split the coaxial feed from the satelite and it goes to the orig spot (living room) and the bedroom. when i put the hr54 to that feed it didnt connect to satelite. Is it becasue the coaxial isnt right for directv? (no markings on them), or is it because i cant split up the equipment because of the wireless setup?

Thanks for any input.

PS I already ordered directv rg-6 coaxial, but wont recieve it till thursday so i figured id ask.

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