Error 771 - DirecTV Code

I've been getting error code 771 every morning and then again in the afternoon. Does anyone know what it means, or what I can do to fix it? When I get the error, I lose reception. Is my satellite dish not pointing the right way?
The DirecTV Error message 771 is a reference to the general loss of the satellite signal when watching TV.
Possible Causes:
- Problem with the cables connecting the satellite to the DirecTV receiver.
- Issues with the dish picking up a signal.
- A storm causing a temporary drop in the signal.
- Just an error processing the DirecTV signal.
How to Fix the DirecTV Error 771?
- Check the cable connections between the dish and the DirecTV receiver.
- Examine your connection cable for any cuts or frays where it is not securely connected.
- If you find any damage, replace the cable. Commonly, if a cheap cable with low quality or no shielding is used, this problem may arise over time...if the issue just isn't having a cable partially unplugged!

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