Error CL-14 - XFinity

1st time using the forums so please be patient. Not even sure if this is gonna post or whatever. I am using Comcast Xfinity with a Tivo 4 Premier

I received an email 12/7/16 stating;

Looks like your wiring needs attention.
We can help!​


We’ve detected a loose or damaged cable in your home. If
it isn’t fixed, you could experience service issues in the
future. This may also impact the service quality of others in
your neighborhood. We would like to locate and fix the
issue to make sure you don’t experience any
problems in the future.



Give us a call today to schedule your complimentary service visit.​



Call 1-800-427-0106

We’ll do our best to schedule an appointment that is
convenient for you.

We look forward to hearing from you!​


I did not see the email until Friday 12/9/16 when I had lost cable all together with the error "Problem with the signal on this channel. try again (v53)". when trying to use Xfinity On Demand I get the "CL-14," error codes.

Called customer service and they did the usual (sent reset signal, made me reboot everything, etc) then they told me they needed to have a tech come inside the house to check the cabling. they do not have techs available until Monday 12/12/16. So no TV all weekend, not football, no On Demand, no anything.

I thought I should be thankful I have a TIVO and can watch some saved shows, but None of my saved shows are playing either. Things are getting more and more suspicious. Why would a cabling problem effect an internal disk storage/playback feature?

2 1/2 days? I can't remember a total outage that long before, maybe I should feel lucky.
Crazy thing to me is they say it is a hardware wiring issue. Something to do with filters and such. Everything is external to the house except for the homeruns that go to each TV and Internet connection. They say they had a tech out that checked outside (underground cable wiring to box in yard and underground to side of house, splitter out there and homeruns inside). Now we have not touched anything inside, We use terminex every quarter, we do not live near trees, No evidence of any other rodents.

I have read other posts with similar issues, but no resolutions. All they say is problem went away... that is not an answer in my book.

Now, as I have been typing this, I rebooted the Tivo again and TV has come back. I'm afraid to try VOD for fear of losing TV..

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