Error code 775 - DirecTV

When reconnecting the Genie receiver in our seasonal home I received error code 775. Human and online help both give instructions for resetting a swim adaptor. I have NO swim adaptor and never did. The satellite connection cable went directly from the wall into the receiver. All connections are tight. I still need a fix for code 775 without the swim adaptor. Thank you.

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Directv Error code 775

Directv Error code 775 usually results due to connection problems. It is often caused by disruption of signal relay, or hardware issues like if you have unplugged cables or loose ones. The easiest way out of the problem is to switch off your device, plug in all your cables properly and double check that they're secure, and reboot the device. This will eliminate all issues within your control that can cause this problem. As for the issues with signal receiving, it's not controllable. At best, you can check if there's an obstruction on your receiver instrument, but that's about it. Rarely, other issues can play a role and cause this problem.
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