Error code 927 for on demand shows - DirecTV

I have recorded a few shows on demand, channel 1278 Discovery and everytime I try and watch I get error code 927. I have called and I am told "it is a technical issue we are working on", been going on for weeks now!! I cant possibly be the only person this is happening to.

This question, "Error code 927 for on demand shows," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.


Same thing happening to me!

No you are not the only one. It is happening to me too! I'm trying to watch the discovery channel too!


It sucks

Yep me too - for months - ever since I switched to ATT.
Discovery and more. So frustrating. I've called and try admit it's their technical issue but won't give up much compensation or even let me back out of the contract after 3 months of this


927 code

Same problem! Right in the middle of the movie it'll go to 927 code and we can't finish watching the movie . Very frustrating!!


DTV error code 927 no solution

Same issue here, ever since we re-signed up with DTV after a 2 year hiatus with Ccast. Talked to DTV customer service last month when it happened to me and the lady said it's just part of the service, it happens at her house too!
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