Error Code CL-17 / On Demand Does Not Work



When attempting to access On Demand we get an error message that ends with error code CL-17. I called CS and after attempting some resets and other diagnostics I was told to swap the box for a new one. I got the new box and initiallized it and still have the same problem: No on demand with error CL-17.

I called CS again and they tried more diag on the box which resolved nothing. An appointment has been made for a technician to come tomorrow. I searched for online for this problem and find no solution. There are many posts on this forum about this problem. However, it seems that it takes 3 to 5 days before somebody from Comcast responds to the posts. By that time the OP is no longer around and the case gets closed. Many are closed without any response. Seriously?

I don't think the service tech will resolve this either. I expect he will show up, play around with a few things, maybe swap the box once more and then tell me it's a system problem. I doubt I have a connection issue. The second TV works OK and internet is fine as well. Several months ago I did have a problem and a Comcast tech repaired several connection problems and installed several new splitters, a filter and a box to hold it all. Everything has been great ever since until this. I just went and checked all of these connections once more. It is hard to imagine that the problem is anything but the box or a system issue. The box has already been replaced.

Now that I think about it, I don't expect this post to resolve anything. It will fall on deaf ears and be closed shortly.


John G

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sandra mckune

they are secretly removing on demans from some subscribers who do not have their internet. several of this have reported this to our congressman for inverstigation. after 18 years as a customer I am shocked that they would do this unless I got their internet and canceled my att internet,

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