error: finding satellites failed - DirecTV DVR

For error: finding satellites failed, relating to DirecTV DVRs and receivers. i have an oval dish with 3 lnb's, inside the house we have a rca hd receiver on the ground floor and a directv h10 reciever in the basement. a while ago we attempted to install an off-air antenna directly onto the dish to recieve off air hd channels but it ended up being the wrong one and was returned. ever since then, the reciever in the basement will not find any satellites and cannot get past the start up screen.

there are four coaxial connections on the dish with the lnb's, looking at them straight, the right two lead to the rca reciever and the left two lead to the h10. i tried swapping the two on the left amongst themselves yet im having no luck. i inspected all wires except those within the walls of the house and everything seems to be intact. i also tried swapping the h10 receiver with the rca to see if the receiver went bad but the h10 worked fine in place of the rca. i even switched the two coaxial cables connected to the lnb's for the rca reciever (the right pair) with the two connected for the h10 (the left pair) and the rca still functioned like before yet the h10 continued to have the same problem when connected downstairs.

i am stumped, obviously the lnbs must be good, i swappde receivers so they must also be fine, and as far as i know the cables seem fine as well. any suggestions are welcomed, thanks.