Error RDK-03033 Unable to change channel on X1 boxes



I have a strange one and hopefully someone has an idea where I should look.

I have internet and TV service from Comcast, and with the TV I have three TV boxes, two of them the X1 boxes and one small transport adapter. Everything was working fine for years until last Friday.

Last Friday I turned TV#1 on and it's on ESPN. That's the channel it was on last time. I can watch ESPN on that TV all day long until I tried to change channel (to any other channel) and it will display a screen saying "We are having trouble connecting to the internet ...check your connections blah blah blah...RDK-03033". I then turned on TV#2 and it's on CNN, OK tried changing channel, same message. I then turned on TV#3 the one with the transport adapter, no issue there, I can change channels without any problems.

So TV#1 and TV#2 boxes will not change channel. TV#3 with the transport adapter has no issue. It complains about connecting to the internet, yet the internet service is up with no issue.

I called Comcast support and went through the trouble shooting and they thought the issue may be loose cables, or defective boxes they restarted my boxes, and didn't solve anything. If it's a cable connection issue I don't think I would be able to watch a channel - I just can't change that channel to another. The issue is the same on both X1 boxes, no issue with the transport adapter, no issue with internet service.

They recommend that I change out the boxes. So next day I went to a local Comcast center and replaced the two X1 boxes, went home, activated the boxes, and everything worked...for two days, then the problem returned.

I called Comcast again, and they wanted to restart my main TV box, I said OK go ahead. So they are restarting my TV boxes, telling me it's 30% done, 40% done, 50% done, 60% done etc...and I have all three TVs on their respective channel, and none of them look like they are restarting, I told them and they said it's strange you should be seeing a "Welcome" message. I said yeah but no such message.

At that moment I logged into my xfinity account and I went to devices. It says I have 5 connected devices. Hmm five? I have one internet modem, two X1 boxes, plus a transport adapter. That's four, not five. I then listed my devices and it showed I have 4 TV boxes and 1 internet modem. One of the TV boxes is grey (ghosted) and the serial number is one that I returned many months ago (I replaced two old TV boxes with two X1 last year), and if I go the Status Center it says my main TV box is offline. I wonder if this grey TV box which I no longer has is the main TV box which they think is offline? Even though it's grey, I can click on it to troubleshoot and restart it? I told the agent on the phone and they said they see 4 devices, but on my end in my account I see 5 connected devices.

Could this phantom device be the reason I am having issues changing channel on two of the X1 boxes?

When the agent restarted my box and she was saying it's 50% complete yet I am watching all three TV without restarting, could she be actually restarting the phantom TV box?

Anyone heard of this issue and any suggestion as to what else I can try?

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