Error TVAPP-00173 - XFinity

When I go to the site an error message appears stating

Sorry, we've run into a problem.

The good news? We can take care of it right now. First, you'll need to sign out of your account.
When you sign back in it'll be fixed. Ready?

(Error TVAPP-00173)

When I click sign out of my account the same message comes up. I cleared my cache and cookies, restarted my computer and also tried using it on a different web browser and get the same error message. I have used the xfinity stream site countless times on my desktop with no issues until today when this began to happen. If however I go to the site on my ipad or iphone it works perfectly fine. I concated technical support and they were not able to figure out the problem, they said a specialist would have to contact tomorrow to futher diagnois the issue.

I was wonder if anybody had similar issues or know of a way te resolve this issue. Thanks

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