Escalate Customer Service Issue - DirecTV

On Friday, January 13th I contacted AT&T to 1. add digital phone service and 2. see about changing my bundle to reduce my monthly bill which was going to increase with the next billing cycle. I had an email that stated I could add the phone for $9.99 a month and keep my current service for two years (which was an okay price). Well, I have been told a variety of things over the last 10 days, NONE of which kept my bill at the current service price. The price went up; I called and was verbally "brow beaten" by the Customer Loyalty person telling me they could only give me a discount with DirecTV. I told him repeatedly I didn't want to change. And I was told earlier in the week that I would pay $139.99 a month. Why wouldn't they honor that? He was so RUDE. I hung up on him. I called back later and talked to another representative, who must have looked at the notes on my account and told me that I would pay $139.99. Well, guess what? I've looked at my account and it shows $142.99. It's only at $3 difference, but I'm sorry, they continue to lie to me. Who can I talk to in the company to get this rectified?

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