ESPN 3D Is Going Off The Air


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Via The Consumerist:

"In what will come as sad news to about 26 of you out there, ESPN has decided to close up shop on its comin’-at-ya! sports channel ESPN 3D, citing low viewer demand. The 3D network began broadcasting in 2010. And unlike many of the headache-inducing 3D movies still clogging theaters, a lot of what was shown on the channel was actually shot using 3D cameras, as opposed to being post-processed afterward."
Consumerist: 3 Reasons Why ESPN 3D Is Going Off The Air

View attachment 2431 I think that the main reason is that there aren't a lot sports fans willing to pay for a limited number of 3D events. Even if I were really into sports, drinking brews and watching the game with a bunch of guys wearing 3D goggles... well, not fun. And really, 3D sports is not one of the better things to watch in 3D. Movies are a good use of 3D but what can you gain from sports in 3D?

ESPN, according to a statement, is "committing our 3D resources to other products and services that will better serve fans and affiliates.", which reportedly includes ESPN in 4K - a much better way of watching sports than 3D.


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