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This channel has just been changed from the AT-250 package to what is called the Multi-Sports Pack. That is a $6.00 add on.

This is a bummer as other channels at this level can still be had in the AT-250 package. The only other channel you cannot have unless you have MS is NFL Red Zone. I am going to miss those old bowling tourneys. Oh well..

Other channels available in MS are..

NFL Red Zone SD&HD (In season)

Just to clarrify, you need MS to get Red Zone and ESPN-CL even if you have AT-250.


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ESPN Classic used to be part of our digital preferred because I used to watch it from time to time. Then one day I went to look at it and poof, no go. That's probably why ESPN2 doesn't use it anymore as overflow for NASCAR, which it did here and there before.
There are also free NETWORK feeds available that allow you to watch from diffrent time zones on the BUD and FTA receivers, which is not allowed on most of the pizza dishes anymore. With some of the newest receivers you can watch most of the Networks in HD on all times zones using FTA receivers. However, these feeds move around sometimes from satellite to satellite aand require you to reprogram or find them again. There are many good web sites that help and are dedicated to those searches and the equipment used. The key is that you have to have a moving dish and a newer receiver, and that means it takes some time for the dish to move from one satellite to another. So the convenience factor of the little dishes having all the channels instantly available is not there.

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