expired coupon misery

When the ability to apply for the coupons were advertised. My family ordered them. When they arrived at not only my household, but my Father's and Brother's , too, They were put away for safe keeping. I went to pull them out to go get my boxes and shocked to see they had expired. The system should allow for reactivation. Why is it fair to those that acted early and in good faith to be placed at the end of the line and go without televison, even the local news for months? May the DTV.Gov. should just pay for cable for us. With the bad economy, home television is all many can afford, and now that is being regulated and that privledge is government regulated!
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What will happen?

:cool:I would like to know what will happen when all of the people who could not get their boxes in time, with the econmy being the way that it is, what will be done about the late coupons or expired ones.?


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Regina Lofton

My DTV coupons are expiring and I don't know what to do, I know that the dead line has changed so If the coupon expires what to do?
The deadline hasn't changed yet. I think we'll find out this week if they do extend it for sure. Do not let your coupon expire, you can't renew it.