Expired Coupon

I received my coupons in September. I used 1 to purchase the only converter box available at the time. When Ike it our area, businesses where shut down for weeks. After the area recuperated and everyone was opened and reestablished, the other coupon had expired. Is it possible to reapply? If so, when?
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I would try to reapply or even see if the stores will take the coupon.

The same thing almost happened to me. I was very prompt at getting my coupons and then noticed that they expired the day I thought about going and finally getting them. I called the stores in my area and they were all out. I was kinda mad because the only place left to get them was Radio Shack and they were still $20 after the coupons. A week later CVS had them for the $40 , so they were free with the coupon.


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I also agree that you just re-apply and check some stores who accept that coupon, in fact there's no harm in trying, so try to re-apply and make use of that coupon..