expired coupons


why are the coupons sent out without enought product going to the store's? sounds like a game to me. a coupon that can't be used. need to reissue coupons after sufficient stock is in store's.

Jason Fritz

Staff member
I completely agree! It seems odd that more manufacturers and stores aren't jumping at the opportunity to benefit or profit from the switch to digital television.

DTV Transition Guy

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This is just a general note for everybody...

If you cannot find a converter box in stores then you need to make your purchase online. Physical Retail stores have not been able to keep uo with customer demand for converter boxes but there are a lot of online retailers that have plenty of stock. Most notably is Solid Signal. They have over 25 different converter boxes in stock right now and orders are suppose to be received within 4 days.

There are also many other online retailers that have a lot of converter boxes. It would be better to buy online rather than let your coupon expire.