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I was one of the people that last year after the A31 firmware update hit my DCX3400M DVR, that I connected a 2TB external drive to it (Western Digital 2TB with Thermaltake Max 5 eSATA case). I've had no issues with it until last week.
I started to get the message "Please disconnect the external drive. Alert 13" in a blue box on the TV screen.
So I would disconnect it, power cycle everything then, and reconnect the drive. No issues, and then would happen a few days later.
When this happened today, I contacted Thermaltake to send out a new eSATA drive enclosure since it is under wannanty.
But I also wanted to physically test the Western Digital drive to see if there was any errors.
I connected it to my Windows 7 PC, DID NOT FORMAT it, but there was a message saying it Initialized the drive before checking if there was any SMART errors or to do a drive scan.
There was no SMART errors, and I decided not to do a drive scan (chkdsk)
Now when I reconnect the drive it to the DCX3400M, it says the drive must be formatted before use!
All my saved programs are still on there, Windows 7 did not formatted it, but did initialize it in order to "see it".
Is there any way I can get the drive to be seen again by the DCX3400M without havig to do a format and lose all my
programs for the last 16 months?

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If Windows "initialized" it, it wrote to it and messed up the DVR formatting. I believe you have lost your recordings.

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