Question: Extra coax cable vs. barrel connectors


DTVUSA Jr. Member
I have to do a run of coax inside my house approximately 30'. I'm going to be picking up some coax for the job and don't have the tools to create my own 30' cable, so I'll be going with the pre-made lengths.

30' and 35' are not standard lengths, so they seem to be a bit pricier. Which option am I better off doing:

  1. Buy a 50' cable and wrap up the extra somewhere along the run
  2. Buy a 25' cable and another small one to make up the rest and attach them with a barrel connector
  3. Suck it up and buy the non-standard length cable

(In case it matters for signal loss discussion, this will be almost perfectly in the middle of a 110' - 130' cable run from a rooftop antenna to a TV in this location: TV Fool)
I would not hesitate to use a barrel connector most of them are so low loss that you will never see the difference. While I've read about bad ones I've personally never seen it. A few feet of extra coax is probably not a big deal, but avoid sharp bends, and excessive coils.