Extremely Slow Web Email - Time Warner Internet

This question is about "Extremely Slow Web Email", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. When I had carolina.rr.com email, the web mail server was the slowest server I ever encoubtered. You literally can clik the inbox and go hae a cup of coffee before the inbox loaded. Now it is Spectrum and I see absolutley no difference. FIrst of all, it wouldve been nice for Spectrum to tell me they were changing the server setting s and I ahd to change my password. Thats not the real issue, the real iisue is I open up the application and like the previous server I have to wait for ever for items to open. No matter what option I click the spinning wheel appears and I have to wait. This is 2019 for pity's sake. You have enough money from your customers to have a decent size server with some power too. What an absolute joke.

Extremely Slow Web Email?