Failed to get coupons

Sir: I applied for the 2 coupons early in Dec and was told they would ship on 12/19/2008, but I have not received them yet. My confirmation number is --------. Thanks, Don
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Jason Fritz

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Hi Don and Shirley,
I entered your coupon confirmation # at: and received the following information...

Coupon Status Found
Your application has been approved. Based on your application approval date of 12/01/2008, your coupon(s) are/were scheduled to mail on 12/12/2008.
*Note that coupons do not expire until 90 days after they have been mailed. Note also that coupons are being mailed via Standard mail (not First-class mail), with delivery expected approximately 10 days from the date mailed.
Since your coupons were due to arrive around post office holidays, I would be on the look out over this next week (12-29-08 to 1-2-09). Also, the above message from the government site lists your coupons as "scheduled to mail on 12/12/08", but as we've seen from a few other forum members experience, the coupons are not always sent out on the exact scheduled to mail date.

Hope this helps, you can always try to contact the government agency (NTIA) in charge of the tv converter box coupon program. Refer to the second post in this thread for NTIA contact information.