False Error Msg "Your Gateway May Be Offline" - XFinity

For the past week or more, when I log on to the "My Xfinity" web site and select the wifi logo, the screen refreshes with an error msg that says "There's a connection problem" and then the screen rapdily refreshes to "your gateway may be offline." (see attached screen capture). I subscribe to a triple play and have no problems at all with my TV, internet (ethernet or wifi), and telephone service. When I naviagate my web broswer to my gateway directly (, the summary at the top is all green with checkmarks (97% backup battery, internet, wi-fi, MOCA, and Medium Security). I seem to recall that in the past I could view information about my wifi service and status on the "My Xfinity" web site. Restarting the gateway and following the other troubleshooting suggestions had no effect on these findings. Any explanation or reason for concern? Any solution?

This question, "False Error Msg "Your Gateway May Be Offline"," is about XFinity-Comcast TV Television Apps.

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