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Just today the installer came to my apartment simply to say he could not install my dish after 3 calls to Direct TV specifically asking if my complex would be an issue. It was told to me 3 TIMES that it would be no issue. THAT WAS A LIE! I left work, cancelled my account with TWC, already paid the $107.00 in installation fees just to have to loose income, have to pay TWC a retaliation fee and be told it takes 5 business days to be reimbursed my installation fee of $107.00. Now, after sitting on hold and then being told if I wanted to be reimbursed faster, I could call my bank (WHICH IS ANOTHER LIE!), I would like to know how this company can not only get away with LYING, but then have the nerve to send out $300 gift cards to those that switch!??? That is ridiculous! How difficult is it to send someone out first? If I had paid late, or not returned equipment, I have a feeling I would be charged for the funds lost! Who will reimburse my funds lost?

This question, "False Information!," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.
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