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Hi there, I just new here and I would like to share my ever favourite TV quote. It's from Alias TV Series.

"You didn't come here to see how I am. You came to see how you are, because you know what you did. You wanna make sure you're okay." by Sydney Bristow


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Spoken by Richard Dean Anderson to Michael Shanks, my favorite line these days is from Stargate SG-1: Daniel, go to your happy place.
I have quite a few:

"We are Borg...."

Voyager Emergency Medical Hologram "I know very well who you are.."

---Episode Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy

[responding to an angry Korean woman after Klinger with a pitchfork]"Now, what in the name of Beelzebub is goin' on here?"


"He's DEAD, Jim"

--Leonard "Bones" McCoy, Star Trek

Movie Quotes:

"I have been, and always shall be...Your Friend....live long and prosper"

"They're requesting communications, sir."


"Their shields are still down..."

"Oh yes, we're one big happy fleet! ah, Kirk my old friend, have you heard the Klingon proverb which states that revenge is a dish best served cold? it's very cold....in SPACE!"

--Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
Isn't it worse to send Eddie up there with Beaver already punished?

Would you rather have him down here?

Oh, you're right

LOL they so totally see through his false 'politeness'

Another classic RTN quote from Knight Rider (1982):

"Michael, i'm picking up something--oh my goodness. it's enormous! wait! Michael! you're not thinking of going nose-to-nose with that, behemoth are you?

--Knight Rider Episode Goliath, Part 1
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"That car hasn't been driven in quite a while, it may take awhile to get rid of all the bugs"

"The bugs bailed out before the fire!"

"Now you didn't try anything foolish did you Ms. Harper?"

"Yea i tried to drive it!"

--Mama's Family Mama gets a car



"Kiss my grits!!!"

--Flo, Alice

"What we have here, is a failure to communicate!!!"

--Smokey and the Bandit

I'll carry your books, I'll carry a torch, I'll carry a tune, I'll carry on, carry over, carry forward, Cary Grant, but i will NOT carry a gun Frank

--Hawkeye, M*A*S*H

Hawkeye Pierce, looking for maps of the minefield: Why aren't they under 'M'?

Radar O'Reilly: Because they're under 'B' for 'boom'.

--Corporal Radar O'Reilly, M*A*S*H

In Politics:

Obama: I have been to, fifty....seven states? i think with one left to go.

--Barack Hussein Obama

and perhaps the most well-known one:

"Oh my God!!! They killed Kenny!"

--South Park
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All from the classic The Andy Griffith Show

You beat everything, you know that!
Nip it! Nip it in the bud!

and let's not forget the Fonz' creed ---- Sit on it!


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Actually, Ricky Ricardo never ever said that line. It's something that has become a part of culture, but never happened. He's said, "Lucy, 'splain" or "'Splain it to me" but never that exact line. It's like, "Beam me up, Scotty". It's based on TV but was never actually spoken by the person it was attributed to.
Oh quotes well lets see

"stupid humans"- Invader Zim
"Oh my god thats brilliant if you could do that one more time we'll leave you alone"- Yvette Fielding on Most Haunted

"crankee e's a buet isn't e?" -Steve Irwin Crocodile Hunter

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