Fastest modem for Comcast?



What's the fastest speed modem I can get for Comcast internet? I watch Netflix in HD and play online games with my Xbox so I want to make sure I get the quickest modem possible.


DTVUSA Jr. Member
In my experience (as both an A/V systems and IT installer) it has proven to be a wiser choice to go with equipment provided by some service providers. Comcast/Xfinity is no exception to this, in fact, this company has been a one of the most prime examples in this regard over the years.

You can find a list of approved devices here: DOCSIS Devices

Keep in mind that the more services you are subscribed to (is Phone + Internet) the more complicated matters can get potentially. A client who I most recently installed a retail purchased modem for (uses the exact services/hardware you mentioned above actually) has been running smoothly up to this point with the gear you can find via the link listed below:

The Motorola SBG6580 SURFboard eXtreme Wireless Cable Modem

Hope this helps & good luck!