Favorite - and least favorite - British / PBS mysteries?


Does anyone else watch any of the many British mysteries on PBS? (usually as part of "Masterpiece Mystery!" ... but if there are any others feel free to discuss them also.) Lots of these are also on various streaming services.

I have some family members who are obsessed with them, so I have caught many of the mysteries while visiting those people, but I don't always watch them on my own. When I was younger I didn't care that much for them, as I thought they were too slow or didn't hold my interest, but I can appreciate them now more. (But I've always been a fan of mystery books.)

One series that I simply can't stand are the Dalgliesh ones based on books by PD James. (Cover Her Face, Death of an Expert Witness, Shroud for a Nightingale...etc.) I saw some of these and was totally confused and annoyed by them.

However, some of the series are more to my taste, like Inspector Lewis, Inspector Lynley, & Midsomer Murders, & the ones by Agatha Christie.
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I liked the Cadfaell series (spelling). I think the series was short-lived. Sherlock original. Miss Marple. Poroit. What is the modern one with the grumpy senior detective and the younger assistant?


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I got started in british murder mysteries from Endeavour. I have gained a love of opera, as a result.
Then I got into Inspector Morse. I've now finished that show fully.
I'm now watching Inspector Lewis, because obvious reasons.

Can't stand that Miss Fishers one or Miss Marple. Mixed about Midsomer Murders and George Gently.

Literally half of british TV is crime TV, which is kind of amazing.

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