favorite character


who is your favorite cast? for me it will be house of course. i think that his character is very annoying but appealing to the watchers. i like his intelligence and although many people hate him, he is still the best doctor.:D


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Dr. House, naturally. I think that people watch this show just because of him, and frankly, if you don't like his character then the whole point of the show is lost on you.
Besides him I drool over Chase a lot! :D


I like Wilson and I think it's interesting how he plays off of House.

I am impressed at how it seems to be kind of an ensemble show too, and how they introduced new characters who really worked out.


One is not enough for me. I like House, Cuddy and Wilson the same way.
Cann´t decide which one to take, because I love the way they interact.:behindsofa:
Obviously, House would be my favorite character. But if I were to choose one of his peers, it would be...Kutner. Too bad he died though. I thought his character had some comedy. =/


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House should be EVERYONE's favorite character. This thread should be asking "who is your second favorite character."

For my second favorite, I would go with Cuttie. The way she deals with House and how House ************es her off so bad makes me laugh.


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Of course it would be House. The show is really great because of him. I also like Wilson, their friendship specially, House and Wilson always argue about something but still in the end their best friends.


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House is my favorite, but next is Wilson. It takes a lot to put up with House and still be a friend so you know he's got a lot of heart. he's also hilarious when he wants to be: case in point, the episode (near the end of season 3?) when he holds house's flying v up for ransom :)! Classic!
Just like many others who already commented in this thread, Dr. House would have to be my favorite character as well. That isn't meant to disrespect any of the secondary characters, but House is still the Doctor's show.