Favorite gag, running joke, or subversive bit?


I've been a fan of The Simpsons since 1990 or so, and even though over the past 18 years (wow!) I have heard too many funny lines or seen too many visual bits of comedy, there are still some pretty funny moments or quotes from the series that never fail to amuse me.

My favorites?

The couch joke at the beginning of each episode. So much humor in such a short time....and they keep on coming up with NEW ones!

The running bit about the aliens (Kodos and Kang) that are always trying to destroy or conquer Earth.

Mr. Burns saying either "Excellent," or "Release the hounds."

Springfield High Institute of Technology. How this one gets past Fox's Standards & Practices, I'll never know!


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How about the beggining scene where Bart is always writing something on the chalkboard that he did. I've literally grown up with this show! I remember back in Jr. High how parents and teachers were complaining about the show being demoralizing for America's youth. LOL. It did cause quite a controversy. Today we have Family Guy, and it's 100x worse than the Simpon's ever where or still are today.