Favorite Sesame Street Character


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We've been talking a bit about Sesame Street so I was wondering who our favorite characters are. Remember, this is Sesame Street and not The Muppets exclusively. That's why my favorite is actually Mr. Snuffleoffagus, though I apologize to Snuffy for not knowing the correct spelling of his name. I adore him and always have. I remember when Snuffy was used in a campaign to teach children to tell adults when someone did inappropriate things. Up until then, only Big Bird had seen Snuffy. They wanted to communicate that children would be believed, so finally someone else saw Snuffy. It was a very big deal at the time.


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I would have to say my favorite sesame character would have to be cookie monster. I have always liked him the best since he's seems to be the more crazy one especially for cookies. Elmo comes second best to me.
My favorite Sesame Street characters as a kid were Cookie Monster, Oscar The Grouch, and The Count...and I still like them as an adult actually!

Characters like Elmo didn't even exist back when I watched the show, and he is way too cutesy for my liking.