FCC Announces Deadlines Ending Analog & Channel 52-69 LPTV Operations


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From The Article:
If you have an LPTV station operating on a channel higher than 51, you have until September 1 of this year to file an application to change to digital operation on channel 51 or below. Failure to file an application by that deadline means the station's authority to operate will terminate on December 31 of this year, which is the deadline announced late today by the FCC for ending all LPTV operations on channels 52-69.

By establishing this rapid deadline for moving LPTV stations out of channels 52-69, the FCC is seeking to clear the way for the immediate use of that spectrum by wireless operators and public safety systems. Stations that are unable to locate a workable channel below channel 52 and get a modification application on file in the next six weeks will have to shutter their operations by the end of this year.

In the order released today, the FCC also established a hard date of September 1, 2015 for all analog LPTV broadcasting to cease, regardless of channel. The FCC stated that setting the date some four years in advance will allow low power operators ample time to plan for the transition and prepare for the impact of the National Broadband Plan on spectrum availability.

Stations that are unable to complete new digital facilities by September 1, 2015 may seek a single six month extension by filing a request with the FCC by May 1, 2015 demonstrating that the delay is justified. If granted, the station would then have until March 1, 2016 to complete construction of its digital facilities. However, the extension only affects how long the station has to complete it digital facilities. Even with a construction extension, the station would still be required to cease all analog operation by the September 1, 2015 deadline.

To help stations find new in-core channels that minimize loss of coverage, the FCC announced that it was increasing the maximum power permitted an LPTV station operating in the VHF band from 300 watts to 3,000 watts. Because the VHF band is not well suited to digital television, it is currently underutilized by full power TV stations, and the FCC is clearly hoping that the power increase will encourage more LPTV stations to move to the VHF band as they transition to digital.
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Great. So, if I operate a LPTV station on channel 67, I can apply to be moved to channel 50, so I can again move to another channel when channels 32-51 are swept under the rug for the benefit of pay TV and cell phone corporations.

God bless America.

Fringe Reception

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I currently receive and use an analog translator on channel 62, K62FS. The FCC has accepted their application to move to (real) channel 51. Their power output will drop, their antenna height will increase and I haven't heard where the channel will map.

Currently, the digital link from the main transmitter to the 62 translator is marginal and I get to see pixelated and blocking images within the analog carrier snow! I've been attempting to shoot photos to share, but no luck so far.

It shouldn't take too much work for me to capture their new signal on 51 - assuming the FCC doesn't pull the carpet out of under them in the interest of 'freeing spectrum' for more important uses like Congressman Weiner's sexting messages.

From Trip's website post:
Low-power stations are now optionally allowed to specify vertical antenna patterns.
In my minds eye I can see neighborhoods full of VHF multi-bar vertical Yagis ...

A similar antenna, scaled down by a few inches would work well for channel 7.


And since the FCC is strongly promoting Broadcasters to return to Low-VHF, an antenna very similar to this one should work well receiving Channel 2.

In both cases, I can't wait to see how well the FCC OTARD rule works.


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Yea, that antenna would look glorious on my roof. I'm sure the neighbors would appreciate a beast like that should I ever need to get channel 2.

And BTW, I see no reason that channel 62 could not map as 62. I want my 24/7 porno channel to map to channel 69. If we had something more useful to our legislators, like a free OTA porn network, then maybe our congresscritters would be more protective of OTA spectrum...


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I don't believe you want OWA yagis for TV reception as they give up forward gain (about 0.5dB). Besides, they are optimized for 50 ohms.

BTW I have two 18 element 2 meter antennas in the barn probably going up on the tower soon. :)
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