FCC Decisions Could Chart a New Course For The Future of TV


The article highlights the FCC issues that most people would care about.

I found this line most interesting:
The agency is also blessing pay-as-you-go billing plans, which could relieve Internet users who don't do a lot online. But it could make viewers think twice about watching enough streaming Netflix movies to blow past their monthly data limits.
The FCC has not done a good job recently balancing between the priorities of heavy users versus light users. If the quoted statement is to be believed, the FCC is going to reverse their recent bias toward heavy users in favor of a better balance. After the Washington Post article came out, some of the terms and conditions of the Comcast deal came to light, which supported that indication. While the conditions predictably preclude discriminating on the the basis of the content of a data packet (for example), the conditions don't include any prohibition whatsoever with regard to bandwidth caps or the implementation of metered service. Metered service, of course, would bring about the fairness that has been missing so far.
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