FCC DTV likely to provide status report on July 2nd meeting


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Amongst other items on the docket, looks like the FCC will talk about and possibly give a status report on the digital transition. I'm sure it'll be all a bunch of fluff, but i'd like to hear some real world numbers on reception problems and stations that switched from UHF to VHF frequencies.

The FCC will likely provide a status report on the DTV transition which was executed with much but not universal success 6/12/09, will look at a proposal to put some AMs on the FM band, and will unveil a new Chairman, thanks to the Senate’s timely confirmation of Julius Genachowski, along with returning veteran Robert McDowell.
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I'd like to know which areas were hit harder with reception problems. Here in Chicago, a bunch of people are still having a tough time picking up VHF channels.


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It's more than just Chicago. And there are worse places yet.

I wonder if they allow AM stations to rebroadcast on FM translators, exactly how much more crowded will the FM band get? They are packed enough now.

Good grief.

I don't know the new guy and forgotten Robert McDowell.

Well if it's current Congress appointment, you can bet they are both on the side of corporations and not the listeners to the bands. I hope I am wrong.

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