FCC Finalizes Rules for Broadband From Wall Sockets


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TVB | FCC Finalizes Rules for Broadband From Wall Sockets
WASHINGTON: Broadband access from ordinary wall sockets may yet become a reality. The Federal Communications Commission today affirmed its rules for Broadband over Power Lines with minor modifications.
“These rules provide an appropriate balance between the dual objectives of providing for Access BPL technology that has potential applications for broadband and Smart Grid while protecting incumbent radio services against harmful interference.”
Those incumbent radio services primarily comprise ham radio operators. Hams started lobbing grenades at BPL when the commission first adopted rules for it in 2004, saying it interfered with their operations. Their national organization, the American Radio and Relay League, filed a lawsuit against the FCC in federal court, seeking full access to unredacted versions of staff technical studies upon which the rules were predicated. The FCC was ordered to cough up the studies, allow public comment on them, and explain its method for measuring radiated emissions from BPL systems.
If I am not mistaken, this has the potential of interfering with domestic AM radio. Sad to think, that not only will OTA television, perhaps disappear with the broadband plan, but also some of the radio spectrum, at least when it comes to interference.


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Not just AM, but the ham bands, CB, some military communications, some public safety (particularly in rural areas), and TV channels 2-5.

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I first heard about the 'possibility' of Broadband Internet Service via our AC power grid about fifteen years ago and it instantly dawned on me, lengthy overhead power lines would make incredible broadcasting antennas.

Honestly, if the Obama regime wants to embark on a genuine "shovel-ready-job program" that actually makes sense and creates real jobs for unemployed Americans, I think they could win public support with a National Plan to build fiber optic terminals and bury trunk lines all over the USA. That would be a real improvement in our Countries' infrastructure and compared to spending a gazillion US taxpayer dollars to build electric cars in Finland ... don't get me started on that topic.

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