FCC Gets Spectrum in Payroll Tax Bill

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Here's another look at the potential result of Thursday's vote, complete with charts, graphs and a video link.

From the article:

... "HR 3630 cleared the Senate in a 60-36 vote less than an hour after the House approved it by a 293-132 margin. A majority of House Republicans and Democrats voted in favor of the bill, though 91 Republicans and 41 Democrats in the chamber voted no. Negotiators agreed to auction off some $22 billion worth of the spectrum, then siphon $7 billion of that into a fund for building and maintaining the nationwide “D-Block” LTE network for emergency first responders. The remaining $15 billion of auction revenue will pay for tax cuts and unemployment benefits." ...

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They think they're going to fit in 1784 channels into the space currently occupied by 1102 channels?
And lets not forget the the lower 5 channels are so undesirable that only 39 stations occupy that spectrum nationwide now.


As I said in another post, if nobody gives up spectrum, there can be no auction.

Stand United.


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There is no way they are going to get 120 MHz. That myth needs to be put to bed. Especially since they can't involuntarily move a channel from UHF to VHF or from high VHF to low VHF and they must protect border channels. Basically they can move full powers into the lower UHF band and displace LPs. It would seem to me that since they must make all reasonable efforts to replicate a stations population served that translators (other than the redundant ones) must be protected also. Assuming few if any volunteers, that results in about zero MHz of spectrum being made available.
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So that must be in the markets where channels 14-20 are used for land/mobile (public safety) and they plan to replace it with the D block broadband network.
Not all of 14-20 is used for land mobile here. We only use 14-16 here for land mobile. 17-20 are TV. Since some of the land mobile users are NYPD/FDNY the FCC may end up just taking 17-20 for broadband.