FCC Overrules Condo's "No Dish" Rules


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The HOA actually banned all antennas - fm, Tv, or dish.

The problem with OTARD rules is that

People don't know about the rules, or,
If they know or are made aware of them, they are too intimidated by HOAs and the cost of fighting the HOAs to try. HOAs are counting on people to fold under pressure, and too often they do.


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Hoa “sneaky” antennas

It's really nice, that we find a Governmental Agency finding in our favor !

The problem is, that even though we can use an Antenna on our houses (those of us in a HOA), many just don't, OR, fall back on an Attic System. Though I have such a system, and it really works well, many of those who attempt reception via the Attic, fall very short of good reception.

Usually the reason for choosing the Attic option, is because the User just doesn't want to fight the system. The system being the HOA, and his neighbors opinions, regardless of what the "Law" says. In actuality, that is the avenue I chose. I just didn't want to upset anyone, and lucked out with the Attic.

Oddly enough, most HOA and it's members, totally accept a reasonably placed Satellite Dish on their houses. And with that, and in conjunction with the "compromising" approach, there are several Antennas, which don't look like the traditional Type, and go virtually unnoticed, when used.

Here's a picture of several "sneaky" Antennas, which a HOA'er might consider for placement, in substitution to to a traditional Antenna.
All of these have their own characteristics, and should be evaluated for recommendation with the User's criteria in mind, as we do with all recommendations.

These Antennas are not shown proportionally, actually the C1C is the smallest of the group.

Have a good Day ! :)
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