FCC's Genachowski Pushes Spectrum Auctions in Spain

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From the article:

... "In a speech to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, (Spain) Genachowski said that he expected the FCC's just-approved authority to hold incentive auctions to pay broadcasters for giving up spectrum would become a worldwide tool." ...

... "The chairman pointed to some provisions in the just-passed incentive auction legislation that would limit the potential benefits of the auction, apparently referring to conditions that limit the FCC's ability to put conditions on auction bidders. He also said there were conditions "that could reduce the amount of spectrum we would otherwise recover for mobile broadband." It was unclear whether or not he meant the Canadian and Mexican border protections that will likely reduce the FCC's initial target of 120 MHz from broadcasters." ...

Genachowski Expects Incentive Auctions to Become Worldwide Tool - 2012-02-27 21:10:03 | Broadcasting & Cable