Feb 17th DTV Transition Statistics


Stage one of the DTV transition, on February 17, included 36 percent of U.S. full-power TV stations, or 15.5 percent of the antenna-dependent audience. In stage two, on June 12, the remainder are scheduled to complete the transition.

From Home Theater: FCC Tweaks DTV Transition Scenario

I thought there were more stations that went ahead and transitioned on the original transition date of February 17th, 2009.
there were alot that went ahead and pulled the plug because the power bill for the analog transmitter was outrageous.

Plus, some stations analog transmitters are old, tubes dieing out, about to die, and haven't been fixed in years so they just went ahead anyway.
Alas, none of our stations went through even though they legally could. they are waiting until june, which means more months of that stupid DTV PSA crap, plus weaker signals on every channel. the issue was unless ALL the networks locally were going to do it, none were going to do it. it was a stupid all-or-nothing thing.