Fed up - XFinity

We had the silver boxes that worked great, but NO, Comcast talked us into trying X1. What a NIGHTMARE! After a week with no TV and changing the boxes out over and over, we were told that we don't have a strong enough signal for x1 and would have to go back to the old system. However, they don't use the silver boxes anymore. So, we were given a new black dvr. Once again, here I sit with partially functioning equipment. I have no on demand. I call customer service and they are useless as usual. You have to spend 20 minutes talking to a computer before you get a human. Then, the reset the box and say of that doesn't work.....CALL BACK! Great, so I can spend another 30 minutes talking to the computer. This is HORRIBLE customer service. Especially since I am paying a small car payment every month for non working service! SMH!

This question, "Fed up," is about XFinity-Comcast TV television equipment.

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