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I have been using the my account app on iOS for some time now, and I have found it to be quite convenient for solving issues that do not require a service call out. However, with one of the recent updates, I saw a useful feature appear, and an even more useful feature disappear. The ability to perform a system refresh from the app is a nice addition, however, for most issues I've encountered a simple device reboot gets the job done. Unfortunately, this feature was removed with the update that adds the ability to perform a system refresh. I would greatly love to have the reboot feature for X1 boxes restored to the app.

Generally, whenever another member of the family is having an issue, say the box isn't letting them delete a DVR recording, I would open up the app and have it reboot the DVR. This would only take a couple minutes and it would hardly interrupt the person who was watching tv. I would just have them wait to tell me their show just went to a commercial and I would reboot the box from the app, and most of the time it would be back up before the commercial ends.
Unfortunately, now I only have the option to do a system refresh from the app, which generally takes 10 minutes to complete. If I want to just reboot the box I have to get up and do it from the remote or via holding the powerbutton for 10 seconds.

Don't get me wrong, the system refresh option is a welcome feature. I just hate to see that it came at the price of the more useful reboot option.

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