FF not working properly on DVR - XFinity

I have the Xfinity XC1-P. When I am fast forwarding, particularly a longer program like a recorded game or movie, It takes me to the end of the program. If I use 2X speed, I can watch the status bar slide rapidly to the end. If I release FF button, that is where it will stay - at the end. Or, in the same situation, if I continue to hold the FF button at 2X speed, I can watch the status bar go all the way to the end, then eventually (as long as I don't release the FF button) come back to where it should be (50% of the time) or randomly stop somewhere in between where it should be and the end (50% of the time). Another thing it does at 3x or 4x FF speed...when I release the button, it begins at a place of the program that I had already watched - sometimes 20 minutes
earlier in the program.

Any suggestions or has this been happening to others?

This question, "FF not working properly on DVR," is about XFinity-Comcast TV television equipment.

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