File a complaint - DirecTV

Again I have to deal with incompetent people. I called customer service 6 times. I was disconnected 5 times. Each time I was on hold for 30 min. They ask me for my number to call me back if they get disconnected why would u ask me if you don't bother to call me back.

Anyways I wanted to call customer service because the phone line connected to my house to the street pole was literally in my neighborhood backyard causing a safety concern. I called to have a technician come out to fix it. After 6 attempts they were able to send a tech out the same day. A few hours later I get an email stating I wanted to change my internet and a tech will be coming out to install. Where do u get this from. Do they understand English. Now I called again to have it cancelled and it's still telling me I have an appointment and my bill is going to cost more when I never asked for an upgrade.

I want someone to call me back immediately. I already contacted BBB and the consumer media. I want this resolved.

I prefer Tony L batch number TL0634 to call back if he's still with you if not I want another manager. I expect a call back ASAP

Gerald Wong
(415) 602-8008

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