FilmOn To Launch OTA Broadcast Network


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David also is making another interesting move. He is planning a new TV channel that won't be streamed but will be carried over the air and through cable and satellite providers. He says he's reached a deal with KHIZ (channel 64) in Los Angeles and that "FilmOn TV" also will be carried locally by Time Warner, Dish and DirecTV. He says it will be available throughout the U.S. by the end of the year as well as internationally.

As for the nature of the new network, David hasn't revealed much, but he is looking to emulate one role model.

"The irony is that FilmOn TV will be reminiscent of Fox when Barry Diller first launched it in 1986," he says. "The distinct difference is that FilmOn as the 'new network' is taking its place ahead of all the others with ingenuity, innovation and a labor of love for entertainment."
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The people in the "kill off broadcast tv" crowd won't like this. As we see from the launch of "MundoFox", and now "FilmOn TV" broadcast spectrum is gaining ever increasing value for... ummm... broadcasting. So far it looks like pay-tv saw a down quarter in Q2 of 2012 with DirecTV losing 52,000 US subscribers even before the Viacom fight.