Final Season for "Lost"


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Nope, I've stayed out of the Lost craze. I did think it was neat that a few years ago they agreed on when the show would end and have stuck to that. Y'all will have to tell me if it was worth the wait.


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Holy cow man, the plot twisted last night as they revealed who/what the smoke monster was. haha I don't want to give any spoilers but wow, can't wait for next week.

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Haven't watched it yet, but it's DVR'd. Guess I'll have to watch the "catch-up" show first because I can never remember what happened the last season.

I'm snowed in all weekend, except for shoveling, so I guess I can finally get caught up on a bunch of shows!

Now watch, with my luck my cable will go out and with Comcast I can't watch the recorded programs if the cable is out, even though they are on the hard drive.
I am actually one of the(probably) few people who have yet to ever even watch a single episode of Lost and I am still not completely sure what it's even about. For a while I thought it was a reality show, but apparently there was a simulary named reality show which is what I had probably confused it with.


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I am defintely watching lost last season, I actually DVR it, just have not got around to watching yet. I have watched it from the first show so I have to stick it out, even though it gets me lost at times.:doh:
I have never watched a single episode of Lost before, but I keep hearing about how great of a show it I am going to try and catch some of the episodes and see for myself what I think of it.


My recommendation is don't. One of the best parts of Lost is that it is a six-year-long story-arc. However, that means that you simply cannot join it in the middle, or watch just some of the episodes at random. You really need to start with the first episode and work your way in from there, watching each episode in order. Otherwise, you'll be (pardon the pun) Lost, and won't appreciate the show for what it is.
Yeah, I was actually thinking about that as what I am probably going to end up doing is see if I can watch some of the older episodes in chronological order, and then watch the final season after I finish with watching all the rest.