FINALLY got WAZE-DT to come in. (and it wasn't tropo skip either)

Two rolls of aluminum foil. a brand new weatherproof satellite-quality RG-6 coax cable with gold-plated connectors. TWO 12-dB Amplifiers. and tons of praying. and i had, at around 11PM last night, 4 bars of signal on my Samsung SIR-T451 and a steady if not a little weak picture with an occasional audio dropout on channel 20, aka WAZE-DT 19.1 the channel that was MIA since 2008, coming in the same strength that RTV WEHT-DT was in the last two weeks. (now that one is pegged 100%)

No program guide, well that's not bad. and one more 12-dB amp and i may just have it! it was displaying a show that normally came on at that time, called 'Extra' i think it was Entertainment Extra. showed my oh so missed 'WAZE CW 19' at the bottom!

YAY!!! so one more amp and i got it! and a great plus, it also pulled in (the same weak signal) WBKO-DT channel 13.1, 13.2, and 13.3. their third sub-channel is also a CW affiliate. their CW had Frasier (MIA since TMZ took over MyNetworkTV) and their second sub-channel, WBKO-FX according to the guide, but not sure if it's a FX channel or not, had South Park.

If i get any luckier i may have 20 channels as opposed to the 13 i had before. hehe! it's back! and i now can get TWO CWs, not one, and certainly not none.

One more amp and i'll post a screen shot. maybe i can catch an episode of George Lopez, or maybe i'll watch M*A*S*H (it's on FOX now!) or possibly South Park. hmmm.

lineup as of 11PM last night(new channels are in bold):

FOX WTVW 7.1 (28)
PBS 9.1, .2, and .3, (9)
WBKO-DT 13.1, .2, .3 (ABC/FOX/CW) (13)
NBC/WX/THIS WFIE-DT 14.1, .2, and .3 (unsure of real channel)
WAZE-DT 19.1, CW (20)
ABC/RTV WEHT-DT 25.1, .2 (VHF 7)
KET 31.1, .2, .3, .4 WKOH-DT (30)
WTSN America One 36.1, (36)
CBS/MyNetworkTV 44.1, .2 (not sure of real channel #)

So far that's 20 channels. i only remembered the real channel of some of the newbies so i couldn't plug them all in manually and aim on the Samsung but i may get more. this is with 24 dB and add one more amp i get 36 dB.
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7PM. still got CW 19. it's even better now. i got a shorter cable (last one was over 25' long didn't want to get one too short lol) and it's 5 bars steady. no dropouts. good lord i got it back!

Friends is on now. used to see that one at 11PM but nice to see a lost show come back.

FX = FOX why didn't i figure that one out? but kinda hard to believe FOX plays South Park at 11PM or so. either way it's another option. maybe more if i plug in some more real RF numbers from TV Fool. 20 channels so far i'm getting about halfway to the number of channels the cheapest Dish Network satellite carries (30-60 lol and all free here)

This Digital TV thing is starting to get fun! At least i can stop lamenting my lost favorite channel. now i got two CWs.

Still on two 12-dB amps daisy-chained together. (the first's output goes to the second's input and that second output goes to my HDTV tuner) which still equals 24dB combined, and the same winegard sensar antenna. the internal RV amp is bypassed. Jake if you're listening this could help viewers wanting WAZE-DT back on your blog. it took 24dB to get it on the hill here and good lord you don't want to know how many trees. if it worked in my condition it very well could help a lot of people. the channel's just as i remember it, only a time-shift of Friends is what i have currently noticed. clear great digital picture, as all of them are.
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Don't knock it, it worked!

Got three now, and that made WBKO 13.1,.2, .3 get 6 bars and steady as a rock. and that one's about 60-something miles away.

Another thing i noticed. do NOT use a GSM-cellular phone or have it on anywhere near the TV. especially on weak signals. when it occasionally searches the towers (and you hear that buzzing in speakers anywhere near the phone) the entire signal goes to 0% until a few minutes later. for some reason the amps have to 'warm up' or be on awhile before the maximum signal gets there and if it goes out for any reason you have to wait that long to get it back. phone off WBKO and WAZE were perfectly steady.

I tried the amps-in-series in the past and got worse reception then. but now i guess i did something right. low-loss quad-shielded cable and having them at least two feet apart and mounted on the console i built seems to work great. keep them away from the TV tube (yoke causes interference) or any other device then you're all set.

I wanted to find a 30+ dB amp but apparently they don't exist or aren't in stores. all of them are 12 dB or less.

If this pic ain't proof then i don't know what is:

Tonight's Project, hoping that the 900+ KW from WPSD makes up for the 98 miles away and i can pick that one up. WKBO is only at 22 KW according to TV Fool and at 63 miles away; i like WPSD's weather sub-channel a lot more than WFIE-DT's weather sub-channel. it just looks nicer to me.

If WAZE is only at 1 KW and being in Madisonville there's no telling what i can get aside from it and WBKO. i think WAZE is about the same distance away as WBKO but the signal strength is only one bar better on WBKO's.
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I don't believe anyone's doubting your honesty, it's just that putting two amps on the same line that close together would normally cause overload and ruin a lot of the reception. Obviously it did work for you so congratulations.

You mentioned adding a third amp to the line, I think you'd be wasting your money. The fact that the amps are helping your reception tells me that what you really need is a better antenna. A good outdoor tv antenna will do more for your reception than any amp ever will.
I already put the third amp in. it gave me two bars more on WAZE and WBKO. with only two they broke up when something such as the A/C or refrigerator came on. or in my case when the golf cart was plugged back in to recharge WAZE went *POOF!*.

If i could find a way to put up a better antenna, find the $100+ to spend, and some way to cement a mast in i would. but i don't see any way to put it on the roof on the original mount and since it's working great i find the phrase 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' very proper here. if i touch one thing the entire works goes out the window. all my normal locals are pegged 100% and don't break up any longer. i've tried antennas both indoors and out and used indoor ones as outdoor ones and they won't pick up much beyond 30 miles and even then that's a stretch. the only real thing i could do is go all out and put up a large roof antenna but without a pole or a way to put one up i'm at a loss. the setup works fine so i dare not touch it.

I agree three amps i may not be taking advantage of the boost as i would have if i could find ONE amp which puts out 30+dB. unfortunately through searching Best Buy, Radioshack, Office Depot, Staples, Target, Sears, K-Mart and our two Wal-Marts and Dollar General (ok that last one was a stretch) i found the only stores to have any kind of amp to be 12dB or less. Radioshack had an adjustable one for twice as much as a 12dB but it maxed out at 10dB. insufficient.

Good news though is that in addition to my channel being back, i found a PC-to-TV adapter to get VGA--->composite so i may have my computer + internet added to my retro entertainment center, and with a wireless keyboard and mouse i would have a retro-looking media center PC. so i can have my WAZE and watch anything from Battlestar Galactica to even Black Sheep since stupid RTV won't carry it any longer.
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