Financial Spring Cleaning: 7 Money Moves to Make Now


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From The Ladies Home Journal:
Next I looked into reconnecting cable. About a year ago, with our budget as taut as a violin string, Rob and I cancelled it. I barely noticed but Rob suffered: The games he loved weren't streamed online. (Believe me, he looked.) Now that our financial picture has brightened he wants them back.

But at around $50 a month for a basic cable package, those Nebraska college football games were looking mighty expensive. So we compromised: He bought a $30 indoor antenna to pick up over-the-air signals. It's the modern cousin to the tinfoil rabbit ears that perched on top of TVs back in the '80s. The resulting HD signal is prone to interference, but we're not paying a monthly fee and the reception is HD crisp. Rob is so pleased he's looking into getting a bigger outside antenna.
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Yeah I believe it. If I ever get the money (ha ha, like that will happen), I would love to get my house antenna looked at and spruced up. It's one of the goals for the future.